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Dear Pro-Oiler friends

A short introduction on Pro-Oiler systems,

Credit where credit is due, the man behind the most precise and advanced chain lubrication system in the world.
The only system where oil delivery is based on the most important factor: Distance covered.
No use for dripping oil at traffic lights, more when riding slow and even more when riding at 200 mph.

Our friend Pablo Crofts was an fanatic motorrider. He loved riding for days and weeks trough al curved parts of Europe and Northern Africa.
Due to his dynamic riding style, he wanted a chain driven sportsbike.
Drive chains need a lot of maintenance, so the choice for an automatic chain lubrication system was obvious.
The systems available back in 2000 had several flaws, one is that they are hard to adjust and have ONE setting only, regardless of speed.
That's why the Pro-Oiler was developed in 2002, speed dependent, temperature insensitive.

Extreme precision means low oil consumption and extreme chain life (over 60,000 miles)
Another benefit: you can use plain engine oil. So there's no need to carry chain wax or special oil on long trips.
Because: Engine oil is available everywhere!

Speed is meassured by GPS satellites (optional), magnet and reed switch, or tapping into the bikes speedo pulse cable.


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